Buddy stemmed from a fascination in the ecological, functional and aesthetic benefits of hemp, and a desire to rework wardrobe staples with an endgame of product longevity and widespread appreciation for the wonder plant. 

When we started brewing the brand in 2016, the hemp clothing realm seemed to only exist in the sub-set of hippiedom (no shade to hippies, we love em too!),  offered, annoyingly, only in earth tones, and fits that just didn't quite do it for us.

In the blank tee market, the basic styles we saw were ill-fitting, and didn't cater their "classic" fits to a range of bodies and genders.  We were sick of seeing bogus gendered "women's" fit tees (looking at you, freaky v or scoop neck and ultra looooong fitted body).

In our minds, you want the perfect fitting tee, and you want it to last a lifetime, long enough to become vintage.  Hemp is the perfect fibre to work with for a wardrobe staple, for a number of reasons which you can find at our "Why Hemp?" page.

So we started there, crafting a fit based off favourite vintage tees, a sizing break that really considered the different bodies that might inhabit our tees, and the kind of colours we weren't seeing in the blank tee market, and wanted to wear ourselves.  We took our time doing this, because we wanted to do it right, and do it right the first time. 

Fast forward to July 2018, and our classic hemp tee was birthed into the world.

We're working on new offerings as we speak, so stay tuned for the ride!

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Buddy is based in Auckland, New Zealand

Buddy is available online and is stocked with a growing range of excellent retail partners around New Zealand.  Find out where at our STOCKISTS page.


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